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Are you sure you know who he is?
IdentiChek® includes over 32 billion records, 660 million of which come from foreign countries. IdentiChek® is intended to confirm the identity of individuals and companies, but also does much more. Most of the data is culled from banking, financial, credit, asset, and other public, private, proprietary and restricted-access data centers from around the world. At present, IdentiChek® aggregates data from 12,230 database sources using our own patented technology that consists of various name-matching and relational database algorithms.

IdentiChek® is a completely different type of technology than what is offered through other National Data Gateways, such as Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, Accurint, ChoicePoint, and others because it aggregates data from all of these disparate database centers, as well as many others and brings the information into a data center for mixing. Our formulations are among the most commercially robust available and are constantly changing an improving. To see some of our recent changes and improvements, click here.

The data is then mixed with our Trademarked and Patented algorithms to enhance the quality of the information and make it as complete as possible. It includes names and addresses of over 600 million foreign nationals. When conducting a search on this database that involves a known foreign national, it is important to NOT use a full address, only the State where it is suspected the person last resided or worked.

Customers use IdentiChek® to conduct the following kinds of inquiries:

  1. Corporate Due Diligence investigations
  2. Background and Screening
  3. Corporate Merger and Acquisition investigations
  4. US Patriot Act Compliance
  5. Identity Verification Searches
  6. Criminal Background Searches
  7. Pre-Employment Background and Screening
  8. Investigations for Law Firms and Licensed Private Investigators doing in-depth background searches
  9. Anti-Fraud Investigations for Insurance Companies and Financial Services

If after you conduct the IdentiChek® search, you need more information, you may wish to consider a Global Scan®, which is our most in-depth scan and includes a search of every available database that we have access to, includes our interpretative analysis, abstracts of the actual database records, where available, recommendations for additional investigation, and investigative conclusions. More information on the Global Scan® can be found by clicking here.

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